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 Kamikaze pilot receives sortie orders


The webmaster for this Japanese site explains on his self-introduction page that he wishes to remain anonymous because the topic of "kamikaze" still seems to provoke the image of militarists. He remains unidentified so as to not cause trouble with relatives, friends, and work associates. His goal for the web site is "to pay respect to the brave men who sacrificed their lives for country and family."

The best feature of this site is the English section, and there used to be an active message board. Very few Japanese sites on kamikaze have information in English, but this web site has English translations of many pages. The translations contain minor errors, but they can be easily understood. The site has several letters written by kamikaze pilots to allow readers to understand their opinions and emotions. The message board had more postings than any other Japanese site related to special attack forces. The postings include many thoughtful comments on topics such as modern-day terrorism, wartime experiences of relatives, and recently published books. The message board started in June 2000 but ended sometime about 2010. Most postings are in Japanese, but there are also a few comments posted in English.

A few other large Japanese web sites on special attack forces provide readers more detailed and extensive information, but this web site's easy-to-navigate pages provide one of the best introductions to the topic of Japanese kamikaze. The webmaster had added very little to the site's contents since 2003. A reference page gives publication information and shows the covers of books related to special attack forces. Individual web pages have documentation of sources, mostly information previously published in books.