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Air War Stories - Kamikaze!
Dell Publishing, February 1966, No. 6, 36 pages

This 1966 comic book has a short eight-page story on the first kamikaze attack, which occurred in the Philippines on October 25, 1944. The story ends with a November kamikaze attack by Yoshuri Ashnishi, a young Navy pilot honored to die for the glory of the Emperor. He fails when American gunners shoot his plane down, but he later will give thanks for his failure when the war ends.

This short comic story generally sticks to historical facts. For example, the comic depicts the rapid sinking of an escort carrier, the St. Lo, in the first kamikaze attack. The story also correctly states that each of the first five kamikaze planes found a target.

Some parts of the story are not correct. For example, Navy pilot Ashnishi in the comic graduated from Hiro Air Base, an Army air base in the popular book entitled Kamikaze published in 1957. In another example of historical error, Ashnishi attacks a ship in Lingayen Gulf in November 1944, but the kamikaze attacks there did not really occur until January 1945. Also, the actual first kamikaze attack in October included four escort planes for the five kamikaze Zeros, but the story does not mention these escorts.

The last frame of the comic gives an unrealistic image. An American destroyer sends a small boat out to save Ashnishi in the water. Such compassion toward the enemy did not happen in actual kamikaze attacks. Also, no kamikaze pilot is known to have survived after crashing in the midst of American ships.