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Attack - Kamikaze!
Charlton Press, September 1971, Vol.1, No. 1, 36 pages

This three-frame comic story briefly tells the history of Japanese kamikaze attacks. The second frame (at right) depicts two kamikaze planes heading toward an American ship already burning from another kamikaze crash. The ship is a strange hybrid with the front looking like an aircraft carrier, with no planes in sight on deck, and the back resembling a battleship.

The comic's narrative objectively relates the history of Japan's kamikaze without any implication that kamikaze pilots were fanatical or crazy. The first frame, which shows several Mongols being swept away by a strong wind, states:

In Japanese 'kamikaze' meant 'divine wind' which had a special meaning to the Japanese people because once, long ago, an invading fleet was blown away by a great storm . . So in 1944 the Japanese high command used another 'kamikaze' . . This time the divine wind was in the form of aircraft flown into American ships . . . . .

The third frame, which shows a smoking Japanese bomb-carrying fighter with an American fighter alongside, has the following narrative:

The Japanese pilots died . . and took many Americans with them . . but the 'divine wind' didn't blow strong enough to bring victory to the Japanese empire!

This comic book includes four other stories with two of them set in Europe during WWII.