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WildStorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics
December 2003 to May 2004 (Issues 1 to 6)
36 pages in each issue

This comic is incomprehensible. Rambling and incoherent dialogue fill the pages. The main characters appear to be surfers who hang around the beach and enjoy x-treme sports.

The characters seem to be searching for kamikaze, but the comic never gives an understandable explanation for this term. The characters utter enigmatic statements such as: "life is just an illusion," "the ultimate spiritual experience," and "death is just an illusion."

In the nonsense that fills this comic, the following statement by one character is the best explanation for kamikaze  (Issue 6, p. 20):

There's no such thing as kamikaze! They were Japanese pilots! Kamikaze is a big lie--a myth that spread by word of mouth in the American surf society. It's a product of some adrenaline junkie's imagination! Kamikaze is not a group of people killing surfers. It's only one--me--I am the killer! That's right, the most x-treme thing I've ever done is take a human life. Now, that is spiritual. Ha! Ha! Ha!