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Hikari War Monument
Hikari City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

On November 25, 1944, the Japanese Navy established a kaiten training base in Hikari City next to the Navy arsenal located there. Hikari was the second kaiten base, located only about 20 kilometers away from the first base at Ōtsushima. This war monument, erected in 1960, stands near the front gate of the huge Takeda Pharmaceutical factory at the wartime location of the Navy arsenal.

A sign near the beginning of the walkway up to the monument gives the following history:

This monument was erected to remember the noble sacrifice of the 738 Navy arsenal workers and mobilized students who died for their country during an air raid on August 14, 1945, and the members of the kaiten human torpedo special attack corps. Here we also remember and console the spirits of 38 crewmen of the Navy destroyers Kaba and Hagi who regrettably died for their country during antiaircraft fire off the coast of Hikari City on July 24, 1945.

The citizens of Hikari City pray for the repose of the spirits of those who died in this place giving their lives for our country in its time of crisis. We also wish for eternal world peace.

Hikari City

Hikari has another monument specifically dedicated to the men died in kaiten operations (see Hikari Kaiten Monument).