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Special Submarine Base (Q Base) Monument
Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture

The Japanese Navy first established P Base at Ōurasaki for midget submarine training. The Navy in 1944 set up a second training base, named Q Base, on the eastern end of Kurahashi Island at Ōsako. This base was located only about six kilometers from P Base.

The stone monument at the former Q base site has the following engraved on front: Special Submarine Base Ōura Totsugeki Unit Ōsako Detachment Monument. A "special submarine" (tokushu senkōtei in Japanese) is commonly referred to as a midget submarine in English. No date is given as to when the monument was erected.

The stone plaque to the right of the monument, donated by Kaneto Origuchi of the Special Submarine Association, provides the following history:

In April 1944 during the height of the Greater East Asia War as enemy counterattacks rapidly became more fierce, the Navy established a secret training base here. In concert with Ōurasaki Special Submarine P Base on the opposite shore, it was called Q Base.

In July 1944, the 1st Special Base Unit was formed, and the men at the base were under this command. In March 1945, its name was changed to the Ōura Totsugeki Unit Ōsako Detachment. Two thousand patriotic officers and men ready to die for their country gathered here at this cool and clear place with blue waters.

These men, all loyal warriors willing to die, received training in combat skills to kill the enemy and faced both the north wind and the sweltering heat. Many of these young cherry blossoms made sorties in high spirits.

But in August of the same year we received the imperial edict ending the war, and the unit was disbanded in an orderly fashion. After more than 50 years have passed, we remember those days and engrave this monument to tell our posterity.

There were 436 men in the Special Submarine Corps who died during WWII in special (suicide) attacks (according to Tokkōtai Commemoration Peace Memorial Association plaque in front of Yasukuni Jinja Yūshūkan).

Ōurasaki also has a monument to remember the special submarine crewmen who trained there. See Ōurasaki Special Attack Base (P Base) Monument.

Special Submarine Base (Q Base) Monument
with Seto Inland Sea in background