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Saitama Special Attack Corps Monument
Ōmiya City, Saitama Prefecture

The Special Attack Corps Monument at Saitama Prefecture Gokoku Jinja is the 13th one erected nationwide with support from the Tokkōtai Commemoration Peace Memorial Association. The bronze figure of the front half of a kamikaze pilot honors young men who died in battle while carrying out special (suicide) attacks during the latter stage of the Pacific War.

A gokoku jinja is a Shinto shrine dedicated to persons from the prefecture who died in wars to protect the country of Japan. The Saitama Prefecture Gokoku Jinja has several monuments to remember those persons who died during wars. Replicas of the standing kamikaze pilot have been erected at other gokoku jinja such as those in Tochigi, Fukuoka, Fukui, and Ehime.

The monument has a plaque on its right side with the following explanation:

Saitama Prefecture Special Attack Hero Monument

In the last part of that extremely fierce Greater East Asia War, many young men from Saitama Prefecture became Special Attack Corps members and died courageously in battle in order to protect their families, hometowns, and country with ardent patriotism. Engraved in the hearts of citizens of this prefecture is the noble spirit of the Special Attack Corps members, who with no expectation of returning went forward with their young lives and sacrificed themselves for their country. We hope that this may become the sustenance for spirits of young people who will lead the next generation.

With cooperation from the Tokkōtai Commemoration Peace Memorial Association, we erect and respectfully dedicate here the Saitama Prefecture Special Attack Hero Statue, through contributions from a wide range of devoted citizens of Saitama Prefecture including bereaved families, war comrades, and esteemed individuals and organizations, in order to convey forever to future generations the valiant figure of this hero who died nobly.

October 2013
Saitama Prefecture Special Attack Hero Statue Erection Committee

The back of the plaque lists names of the 102 men from Saitama Prefecture who died in special attacks during World War II.

The ground to the left of the kamikaze pilot statue has a sign that special attack flowers (tokkōbana) were transplanted here from Chiran, site of the Army's largest special attack air base in southern Kagoshima.

The following last letters and other writings were written by Special Attack Corps members from Saitama Prefecture who died in special attacks: