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Plane and Statue of Kamikaze Pilot Near Chiran Peace Museum

Chiran Speech Contest
Junior High School Division

The Chiran Speech Contest established a junior high school division in 1998 for students in Kagoshima Prefecture. The number of contestants has quickly grown to over 800 annually. In 2004, students from 24 junior high schools applied for the speech contest.

Students submit speech drafts with topics related to the preciousness of life and the importance of peace. The selection committee chooses four finalists, who give their speeches in Chiran Town on August 15.

The first-prize winner receives 150 thousand yen (US$1,360) in book and gift certificates. The second-prize and two third-prize winners receive 100 thousand yen and 50 thousand yen, respectively. Each winner also gets a certificate of commendation and a bronze trophy.

This web site presents English translations of selected winning speeches from prior years: