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Last letters, poems, and
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Last Letter of Flight Petty Officer 2nd Class Masayoshi Miyata to His Family

At 0635 on April 16, 1945, Flight Petty Officer 2nd Class Masayoshi Miyata took off from Kokubu No. 2 Air Base as pilot in a Type 99 Carrier Dive Bomber (Allied code name of Val) carrying a 250-kg bomb and died in a special (suicide) attack off Okinawa at the age of 19. He was a member of the Kamikaze Special Attack Corps 3rd Hachiman Goō [1] Squadron from Usa Air Group. He was from Fukuoka Prefecture and was a member of the 18th Otsu Class of the Navy's Yokaren (Preparatory Flight Training Program).

He wrote the following final letter to his family. The letter is addressed to his father, but the contents indicate that the letter was for his entire family.

Dear Father,

There is not any particular request. However, praying for the happiness of you, my parents and younger brothers and sisters, I will go before you and fall as a cherry blossom.

Please forgive my self-centeredness.

I must send letters one by one, but since I am busy with the sortie, please Father send my greetings.

Give my regards to Ishikawa-sensei, all the workers at Yasukawa Electronics Library, Kōji Yamato, Fumie Katō, and Uncle in Ōi.

I go in high spirits.

Mother, please do not overwork yourself, and live by taking your time.

Take care.


Letter translated by Bill Gordon
September 2018

The letter comes from Kojima (2004, 30). The biographical information in the first paragraph comes from Kojima (2004, 30) and Osuo (2005, 218).


1. Hachiman is the Japanese god of military power. Usa City in Ōita Prefecture has the first Hachiman Shrine, which was established in the early 8th century. Goō means "protecting the Emperor" in Japanese.

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