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Poem by Second Lieutenant Miosaburō Yamamoto

A lotus flower
When it falls
Floating on the water

The monument at right has an engraved poem written by Second Lieutenant Miosaburō Yamamoto, who belonged to the 4th Sentai (Air Group) based at Ozuki Air Base in Yamaguchi Prefecture. 

The 4th Sentai had a special attack unit, called Kaiten Seikū Squadron, which made ramming attacks on B-29s during bombing missions over Japan. On April 18, 1945, Yamamoto rammed a B-29 Superfortress with his Ki-45 Toryū (Dragon Killer) fighter [1]. Both Yamamoto and the B-29 crew perished.

The monument with Yamamoto's poem is located on the grounds of Renseiji Temple, on a hill with a view of the runway of the JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force) Flight School. Renseiji Temple, located in Shimonoseki City, is near the main gate of the JMSDF Ozuki Air Base. Also on the temple grounds is the Ozuki Air Base Foundation of Peace Monument.

In August 2004, a museum in Shimonoseki City held a special exhibition that included the bloodstained cap and white muffler worn by Yamamoto when he rammed the B-29.

Yuko Shirako provided the photo and information about this monument with the engraved poem.


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