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Senri Nagasue, former kamikaze pilot who is webmaster for one of largest Japanese sites about kamikaze


The Internet has much information on kamikaze and other types of special attack corps that carried out suicide attacks near the end of World War II. However, most of this information is found on Japanese web sites. Although difficult to estimate, there is probably about 20 times more information in Japanese than in English. The Japanese web site Kaiten Special Attack Corps has many pages translated to English. Another Japanese site has my English translations of several Stories of Bereaved Families with relatives in the Kamikaze Corps who died during World War II. Other than these three sites, many individual English web pages about kamikaze have been published on the Internet, but no non-Japanese web site other than this one focuses on Japanese kamikaze.

Three Japanese sites on special attack corps each contain several hundred web pages: Aozora no hateni (To the blue sky's end), Junkoku no ishibumi (War Monuments), and Kaiten Tokkōtai (Kaiten Special Attack Corps). These sites contain many historical photos and much information not found elsewhere on the Internet. The webmaster for the first site is a former kamikaze pilot who survived the war, and the webmasters for the other two sites each has a father who was a member of the Kaiten (manned torpedo) Special Attack Corps.

English-language information about kamikaze on the Internet is widely dispersed. Individual articles about veterans who experienced or observed kamikaze attacks are published on the Internet from time to time. Also, some kamikaze-related information can be found on web sites on American ships that got hit by kamikaze planes. An example of this type of site is Air Group 4 - "Casablanca to Tokyo".

The Links page lists several English and Japanese web sites and pages on Japan's special attack forces.

This section contains reviews of several major web sites about Japan's special attack forces. Other than the first one, all sites are Japanese.

The web sites have been reviewed using the following evaluation criteria:

  • Content - accuracy, originality, comprehensiveness, English material, update frequency
  • Source - authority of author, purpose, objectivity, references, relation to books or other works
  • Design - structure, navigation, aesthetics