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Monument with words of Chiran Air Base Special Attack Corps Song


Monuments have been erected throughout Japan to honor the men who died in battle during World War II. The Japanese web site Junkoku no Ishibumi (War Monuments) contains a tremendous amount of information on these monuments, including those specifically dedicated to the Special Attack Corps.

Individual web pages on this site generally contain multiple photos, relevant historical background, and monument inscriptions. The web site has separate sections for monuments related to different types of special attack forces, such as the Navy's Kamikaze Special Attack Corps, the Army's Special Attack Corps, kaiten (human torpedoes), fukuryū (frogmen), shin'yō explosive boats, and others. The site has over 100 web pages related to special attack forces, which makes it an invaluable reference source for anyone interested in researching information on special attack forces or in visiting sites in Japan.

The webmaster for this huge site is Kazuo Mine, whose father was a graduate of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy and a member of the Kaiten Special Attack Corps. The father of Mine's wife was a graduate of the Yokaren (Navy's Preparatory Flight Training Program). Mine, who lives in Chiba Prefecture, explains on a self-introduction page that he has for many years had an interest in visiting Japanese historical sites. His web site not only includes sections on war monuments but also nostalgic railways and underground sites such as ancient tombs. The web site leans toward Navy-related monuments, but it also contains much information and many photos about Army-related monuments. The section on kaiten has an immense amount of detailed information, probably springing from his father's wartime experiences in the Kaiten Special Attack Corps.

This easy-to-navigate web site has a logical organization, which proceeds from topics to specific geographical locations. The bibliography lists numerous sources from which the webmaster has obtained permission to publish information on the Internet. The site continues to grow with the addition of several pages per month. The web site unfortunately has no information in English. One irritating design feature of the site is the use of full-page background photos on the contents web pages with links to detail pages, which many times makes reading very difficult.

This web site has much interesting information not contained elsewhere on the Internet. One section gives a listing of annual memorial ceremonies, many which relate to special attack forces, that are held at various monuments around Japan. Other pages show photos and provide information on tombs of individual Special Attack Corps members who died during the war.

The unique focus, comprehensive contents, and numerous historical photos of this web site make it an extremely valuable resource for anyone interested in Japan's special attack forces.