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USS Lindsey (DM-32) without bow
after two hits by kamikaze planes
on April 12, 1945 

Future Plans

I plan to continue to add new pages to the Kamikaze Images web site.

Many people's collaborative efforts have made possible the information published on this web site. I always appreciate new stories, photos, information, or opinions. If you would like me to add something to this web site, please feel free to contact me.

Some of my 2008 goals for this web site include the following:

  • complete translation of stories in Japanese on web site of Senri Nagasue, former kamikaze corps member
  • revise translation of stories on Senri Nagasue's web site in order to ensure consistency
  • prepare glossary of English translations of common Japanese terms used on this web site
  • write personal story of Toshiyuki Nagahama, former member of Jinrai Butai (Thunder Gods Corps)
  • add more contributions from other people
  • search for stories that shed light on unique aspects of Japan's special attack forces
  • write reviews of additional Japanese movies and books on special attack forces
  • translate additional letters and poems written by special attack corps members
  • complete pages on the special attack corps monuments that I have visited in Japan since 2005

Most topics covered on this web site can be greatly expanded. If you develop your own web page on a related topic, please send me the URL so I can add a link from this site.

Bill Gordon
e-mail address: wgordon@wesleyan.edu