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Fighting fires on aircraft carrier Belleau Wood after kamikaze attack on October 30, 1944. The carrier Franklin, also hit by kamikaze, burns in background.

About Project

This web site on Kamikaze Images started in 2004 as the final project for my MA in Liberal Studies degree from Wesleyan University. My degree concentration was Computerized Communications, so this final project involved the creation of an academic web site.

The following web pages describe the process used to perform research and create this web site for Kamikaze Images:

  • Site Design - discusses organization, hypertext, navigation, layout, color, and graphics
  • Technology Use - provides examples of how technology played a part in project research and web site design, including JavaScript menu, cascading style sheets, site search, and acquisition of source materials
  • 2004 Japan Trip - gives highlights of 2004 trip to visit museums and to meet former kamikaze corps members
  • Kamikaze Images and Friendship Dolls - describes parallels in topics of my two web sites and similarities in research methods used to create the sites
  • Acknowledgments - gives recognition and thanks to the many people and organizations who provided assistance for this web site
  • Photo Credits - lists sources of photos used on this web site
  • Translation Issues - examines decisions regarding a variety of issues encountered while translating Japanese material to English
  • Future Plans - outlines plans for additions to web site
  • Webmaster - explains personal reasons for interest in kamikaze and provides biographical information
  • Final Project Paper (PDF file) - describes process used to perform research and create web site
Recognition for Web Site
  • 2005 Brockunier Prize from Wesleyan University for best writing and reflection on a social studies topic
  • Site of the Month in March 2005 - Kyushu and Okinawa Studies