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Noshiro Hachiman Jinja Special Attack Corps Monument
Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture

The Noshiro Hachiman Jinja Special Attack Corps Monument honors men from Noshiro City in Akita Prefecture who died during World War II in special (suicide) attacks and men associated with Shinonome Airfield in Noshiro who died in performance of their duties. The erection of the Special Attack Corps Monument in October 2008 was coordinated by the Tokkōtai Commemoration Peace Memorial Association.

The monument has a plaque to the right with the following inscription:

In this prefecture the unique Shinonomehara Noshiro Airfield trained many pilots as a branch school for certain flight schools. However, the war situation in the last half of the Greater East Asia War became more and more severe. As a result of rigorous training, many deaths came about during the performance of duties and when men made sorties and died in battle. We humbly record the names of the spirits of these war dead.

[List of 28 men including 6 men (2 Army and 4 Navy) who died in special attacks]

At the 14th annual memorial ceremony for Shinonome Airfield, we erect the "Special Attack Hero Statue and Monument." We forever mourn for the spirits of these officers and men who fell as jewels for the homeland.

October 2008

Shinonome Airfield Remembrance Association

There is another Special Attack Hero Statue in the Tōhoku Area at Miyagi Gokoku Jinja, but this monument like others throughout the country only honors men who died in special attacks. The Noshiro Hachiman Jinja Special Attack Corps Monument is not typical since it also honors 22 men from Shinonome Airfield who died in a manner other than a special attack such as a training accident. No details are provided at the monument site regarding these deaths.

The monument lists the following men from Noshiro City who died in special attacks. The special attack squadron of each man comes from an article in the Tokkōtai Commemoration Peace Memorial Association's quarterly journal Tokkō [1].

  • Army Lieutenant Colonel Toshio Watanabe (Giretsu Airborne Squadron)
  • Army Second Lieutenant Sa'ichi Yoneyama (27th Sea Assault Squadron)
  • Navy Lieutenant Commander Tsuneo Takahashi (1st Hachiman Goō Squadron)
  • Navy Ensign Ushio Kudō (5th Ginga Squadron)
  • Navy Ensign Kōzō Shida (2nd Mitate Squadron)
  • Navy Warrant Officer Kinsaku Matsueda (9th Jinrai Squadron)

The two kanji (Chinese characters) on the monument base are the word ryūkon (everlasting spirit). The smaller plaque to the right of the front face of the pedestal says "Ā tokkō" (Ah, Special Attacks). The plaque on front also has in small characters the following statement: "We certainly will never forget you."


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