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Kamikaze pilot statue
at former Izumi Air Base

Monuments - Lists

The following lists relate to monuments dedicated to Japanese special attack corps. Each monument has a separate web page with history and photo. 

Location by Prefecture
Year Erected
Type of Special Attack Corps
Monument Type
Best Monuments

Location by Prefecture

Monuments dedicated to kamikaze and other special attack corps can be found throughout Japan, but the majority are located on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu, where kamikaze pilots departed for attacks on Allied ships near Okinawa.

Kagoshima Prefecture, the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu and the nearest to Okinawa, had several sortie bases for kamikaze pilots. These wartime air bases, such as Kanoya and Chiran, have several monuments to remember the young men who gave up their lives. 

The Philippines also have several monuments related to kamikaze pilots including the following:

Year Erected

The year given below is the original year that a monument was erected. Some monuments have been renovated or repaired. Also, some main monuments have other related monuments near them that were erected in later years.

1945    Ōga Kaiten Shrine
1946    Tsuzuku Monument
1952    Setagaya Special Attack Peace Kannon
1954    Usa Special Attack Monument
1955    Chiran Special Attack Peace Kannon Temple
     44th Shin'yō Squadron Accident Victims Monument
1956    Asashimo Monument
   Sumino Grave Monument
   Yasu Shin'yō Monument
1957    Sekiguchi Tokko Brothers Monument
1958    Kanoya Special Attack Corps War Dead Memorial Tower
   Submarine Crewmen Who Gave Lives for Country Monument
1959    Hirao Kaiten Monument
     Kakogawa Special Attack Corps Monument
1960    Hikari War Monument
   Izumi Special Attack Monument
1961    Ōtsushima Kaiten Monument
   Tenzan Unit Monument
     Zenkōji Kamikaze Special Attack Corps Monument
1962    Shōdoshima Special Submarine Monument
1963    Youth Pilots' Memorial Column
1964    Gero Kaiten Monument
   Kokubu Special Attack Base Monument
1965    Kamakura Ohka Monument
1966    Kagoshima Naval Air Group Monument
   Nine War Gods Monument
1967    Kawatana Special Attack War Monument
     Nagoya Kamikaze Special Attack Corps Kusanagi Unit Monument
     Shinshū Fumetsu Special Attack Squadron Monument
1968    Battleship Yamato Memorial Tower
     Nangō Human Torpedo Kaiten Training Site Monument
     Navy Flight Reserve Students Monument
1969    Battleship Yamato Monument (Kure)
   Kushira Naval Air Base War Dead Memorial Tower
   Matsuo Monument (Kikuchi Jinja)
   Wakayama Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
   Yahagi Monument
1970    Hachimanyama Jinja Special Submarine Monument
1971    Army Special Cadet Pilots Monument
   Haramachi Airfield Monument
   Ibusuki Naval Air Base Remembrance Monument
   Kin Shin'yō Monument
1972    Bansei Special Attack Monument
   Kikusui Monument
1973    Amakusa Naval Air Group Monument
   Kashihara Shrine 13th Kō Class Navy Yokaren Monument
   Kofuji Naval Air Group Monument
   Isahaya Naval Air Group Monument
1974    Hokota Army Flight School Monument
   Kamikaze Pilot Statue (Chiran)
   Okazaki Naval Air Group Monument
1975    Arari Never Forget Monument
   Donryū Jizō Great Bodhisattva
     Mito Winged Tower
     Seki Monument
     Tokunoshima Special Attack Peace Monument
1976    Ehime Pilot Training School Monument
   Giretsu Airborne Unit Monument
   Hyakurihara Naval Air Group Monument (Hyakuri Air Base)
   Kagoshima Naval Air Group Sekishin Monument
   Katori Air Base Monument
   Ōita Kamikaze Special Attack Corps Takeoff Site Monument
   Saku Kaiten Monument
   Yonago Pilot Training School Monument
1977    Aichi Gokoku Jinja Battleship Yamato Monument
     Katsumata Statues
     Miyakonojō East Airfield Monument
     Miyakonojō Hayate Shinbu Special Attack Corps Monument
   Miyakonojō West Airfield Monument
   Tomitaka Kamikaze Special Attack Corps Sortie Site Monument
1978    Kanoya Ohka Monument
   Kashima Ōka Park
1979    Battleship Yamato War Dead Monument
   Bōnotsu Shin'yō Corps Monument
   Kokubu No. 2 Air Base Special Attack Corps Monument (Uwatoko Park)
   Tsuiki Kamikaze Ginga Squadron Sortie Site Monument
   Yatabe Naval Air Group Pilot Statue and Guard Gate
1980    Kodama Airfield Monument
   Nakano Monument
   Naramoto Jinja Battleship Yamato Monument
   19th Hikō Sentai Special Attack Monument
1981    Kataura Shin'yō Base Monument
   Sendai Pilot Training School Monument
   Tōkyō Dome War Monument
   Tome Torihama Monument
1982    Chiran Triangular Barracks Site Monument
   Iwo Jima 1st and 2nd Mitate Special Attack Squadrons Monument
   Ōi Naval Air Group Monument
   Osaka Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
1983    Cebu Kannon Statue
   Chikugo Pilot Training School Monument
   Miyazaki Special Attack Base Monument
1985    Army Command Reconnaissance Units Monument
   Genkai 118th Shin'yō Special Attack Squadron Monument
   Hakata Naval Air Group Monument
   Kabira Bay Shin'yō Peace Monument
   Matsuyama Naval Air Group Monument
   Miyakonojō Pilot Training School Monument
   Urato Naval Air Group Monument
1986    Hachijōjima Shin'yō Monument
1987    Flight Reserve Students 13th Class Monument (Jūrakuji Temple)
   Kōchi Naval Air Group Monument
   Kōyasan Naval Air Group Monument
   Ōdōtsu 117th Shin'yō Special Attack Squadron Monument
1988    Hamakaze Monument
   Kashiwajima Special Attack Shin'yō Base Monument
   Kitaura Naval Air Group Monument
   Kōchi Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
   Niigata Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
   Shimizu Naval Air Group Monument
   Toshio Shimao Literature Monument
1989    Ehime Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
1990    Kamikaze Pilot Statue (Izumi Tokkō Jinja)
1991    Iwakuni Yokaren 2nd Toku Otsu Class Monument
   Koniya Naval Air Base Monument
   Ryūsei Monument
1992    Akita Special Attack Corps Monument
   Kyodomari Shin'yō Special Attack Base Monument
   Metabaru Air Base Monument
   Ōita Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
   Ōurasaki Special Attack Base (P Base) Monument
1993    Hakkō Sekichō Squadron Monument
   Hososhima Shin'yō Monument
   Ozuki Air Base Foundation of Peace Monument
   Special Attack Fleet Ryūkon Monument
     Zen'yōji Special Cadet Pilots Monument
1994    10th Kō Class Monument to Vanguard of Special Attack Corps
   Kikaijima Naval Air Group Monument
1995    Iwate Army Airfield Monument
     Kagawa Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
     Kagoshima Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
     Kamikaze Special Attack Corps 3rd Ryūko Squadron Monument
     Makurazaki Battleship Yamato Monument
     Nagasaki Pilot Training School Monument
     Shiga Naval Air Group Monument
     Yamanashi Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
     Yokoyama Monument
1996    Hijirigaura Shin'yō Monument
   Hikari Kaiten Monument
   Meiji Air Base Monument
   Nagamine Farewell Poem Monuments
1997    Yudonosan Kaiten Patriotism Monument
1998    Sakudari Kannon Temple Wakazakura Kanzeon Bosatsu
1999    Himeji Naval Air Group Monument
   Kashima Naval Air Group Monument
   Tsukuba Naval Air Group Monument
2000    Takuma Naval Air Group Monument
2001    Hakuō Memorial
   Matsuyama Naval Air Group Monument
   Ohnishi Shrine
   Shimoda Shin'yō and Kairyū Monument
2002    Kokubu No. 2 Air Base Special Attack Corps Monument (Barrel Valley)
2004    Kamikaze Pilot Statue (Mabalacat)
   Kuroshima Special Attack Peace Kannon
   Mabalacat West Airfield Monument
   Matsuo Monument (Yamaga City)
2005    56th Shin'yō Special Attack Squadron Iwadate Unit Monument
   Hyakurihara Naval Air Group Monument (Kushira)
   Nagasaki Prefecture Yokaren Monument
   Tosashimizu 132nd Shin'yō Special Attack Squadron Monument
2006    41st Shin'yō Special Attack Squadron Monument
   Tokuyama Kaiten Replica
   Uehara Monument
2007    Fukui Special Attack Corps Monument
     Miyagi Special Attack Corps Monument
   Tome Torihama Monument
2008    Ehime Special Attack Corps Monument
   Kaiten Memorial Kannon
   Noshiro Hachiman Jinja Special Attack Corps Monument
   Seseraginoyu Ohka Monument
   Usa Naval Air Group Kamikaze Special Attack Corps Monument
2009    Gunma Special Attack Corps Monument
2010    Tochigi Special Attack Corps Monument
2011    Chiba Special Attack Corps Monument
     Wada Monument
2012    Fukuoka Special Attack Corps Monument
2013    Ishadō Monument
   Kuroshima Battleship Yamato Monument
   Saitama Special Attack Corps Monument
   Yatabe Naval Air Group Monument
2014    Ōga Kaiten Replica
2015    Kakogawa Airfield Site Monument
   Nagano Special Attack Corps Monument
   Yamaguchi Special Attack Corps Monument
2017    Tsukuba Naval Air Group Peace Monument

Kamikaze pilot statue
in front of
Yasukuni Jinja Yushukan


Type of Special Attack Corps

The Army and Navy monuments have been classified based on the former air base where they are located. Some monuments are not included below since they memorialize both Army and Navy war dead, such as the Kamikaze Pilot Statue at Yasukuni Jinja.

Army Air
Navy Air
Navy Kaiten (human torpedo)
Navy Ohka (piloted glider bomb)
Navy Seaplane
Navy Shin'yō (explosive motorboat)
Navy Special (Midget) Submarine
Army Aerial Ramming Attacks
Battleship Yamato Special Attack Fleet

Army special attack pilot at
Haramachi Airfield Monument


Monument Type

Most of the monuments are stone tablets and plaques with the following exceptions:

Human Image
Buddhist Jizo, Kannon, or Fudo Myoo  
Bas-relief Figure or Portrait

Best Monuments

The selection of best monuments is based on the following factors: (1) clear explanation of monument's purpose and related history, (2) scenic beauty, and (3) upkeep of monument and nearby area.

  1. Ibusuki Naval Air Base Remembrance Monument
  2. Uehara Monument
  3. Ōga Kaiten Replica and Ōga Kaiten Shrine
  4. Makurazaki Battleship Yamato Monument
  5. Hirao Kaiten Monument
  6. Kokubu No. 2 Air Base Special Attack Corps Monument (Uwatoko Park)

Memorial service that takes place at
Ibusuki Naval Air Base Remembrance Monument
each year on May 27