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Sign at Miyazaki Special Attack Base Monument 

2004 Japan Trip Itinerary

My 2004 trip to Japan included visits to many museums and monuments related to special attack forces. My itinerary below gives links to this web site's pages on these museums and monuments.

I greatly appreciate the assistance of many local people who escorted me to museums and monuments. These places and these people provided me much historical information. Also, they gave me many insights to the current images of the young men who carried out suicide attacks near the end of World War II.

Museums Monuments
May 16 Etajima Museum of Naval History  
June 12 Kaiten Memorial Museum Ōtsushima Kaiten Monument
June 14 Tachiarai Peace Museum
June 15   Kokubu No. 2 Air Base Special Attack Corps Monument (Uwatoko Park)
June 16 Ōka Monument, Special Attack Corps War Dead Memorial Tower
June 17 Kanoya Naval Air Base Museum
June 18 Kushira Naval Air Base War Dead Memorial Tower
June 20 Kaseda Peace Museum (now known as Bansei Tokkō Peace Museum) Bansei Special Attack Monument
June 21 Hotaru Museum  
June 22 Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots Chiran Special Attack Peace Kannon Temple, Kamikaze Pilot Statue
June 23 Miyazaki Special Attack Base Monument
June 25 Yokaren Museum - Oita Kamikaze Special Attack Corps Takeoff Site Monument (Ōita), Ōita Gokoku Jinja Yokaren Monument
June 26 Usa Special Attack Monument
June 30 Yokaren Museum - Tsuchiura
July 1 Yasukuni Jinja Yūshūkan Kamikaze Pilot Statue